Tires are a bit like shoes, cars or smartphones: one has "his brand" that one is often satisfied with and one prefers to remain true to that brand, even if not everyone shares that opinion.

The Bikers'Days organizers are aware of this reality and have adjusted their range of tires to meet (almost) all riders' needs ... Since recently, DG Sport has become a "Dunlop Motorsport Center", while already being the importer of the Michelin Racing range.

"It is our desire to offer an even more complete service to our customers," explains Florian Jupsin. "With Michelin and Dunlop, we now have everything that is currently the best in the field of motorcycle track tires, in terms of slicks, homologated tires and rain tires ..."

Michelin is the official supplier for the MotoGP tires and Dunlop manages the entire Moto2 platform, and let's not forget their references in Endurance and Tourist Trophy ... So the Bikers'Day entrust their customers to the best manufacturers on the actual market, at fair conditions and with a 'pro' service, both in terms of mounting and in terms of advice (choice of the right tire, correct tire pressure ...).