The Bikers’Classics become "The A-XOC Bikers’Classics"


The recent evolution of Bikers'Classic has proved it repeatedly: over time, the event is modernized, without turning away from its roots and origins. The technology of today, and even tomorrow, has its place in the Classics, especially when it comes to safety. This is why the A-XOC protections have become interested in the Bikers'Classics, to the point of becoming today's title sponsor of the event, which is now called "A-XOC Bikers'Classics".

A-XOC is a new player in the protection market, but an actor called to play quickly the leading roles. A-XOC technology is based on a highly absorbing viscoelastic material that converts the energy of a shock into heat and dissipates it through the material itself. This innovative material is so absorbent that it can be applied lightly and thinly, so as to obtain protection with unseen flexibility and finesse.

CE Level 2 certified yet thinner, lighter and more flexible, the A-XOC protectors are currently available in the integrated version in an underjacket and underpants, but they can also be ordered separately to replace those of your current clothes. Ideal to add a modern touch to Classic or Vintage clothing ... But above all to be protected at the highest level while maintaining comfort and flexibility.

Important note: A-XOC protections are produced in Austria, but they are designed and developed in Belgium by the young startup HG3.

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